Sensa Skincare Pty Ltd began importing Environ™ in 2000, after first hand experience with the product clearly set it apart as an effective vitamin A and antioxidant skin care line.

Formulated by a prominent South African plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes, Environ™ skin care products have been helping improve and create beautiful skin since 1986.

Demand has exploded across the globe with more and more beauty salons, doctors, clinics and their clients discovering the powerful qualities of the Environ™ skin care range.

Sensa Skincare has the sole Environ™ distributorship for NSW and ACT. Our business is entirely independent of but wholly supported by Environ™.

Our passion for Environ™ skin care is reflected in our exceptional client service, support and training. We offer ongoing workshops and comprehensive training, including tailor-made training to suit the individual clinic or salon.