Environ™ Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil Forte

Environ™  Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil Forte

What is it?
A light, nourishing oil containing high concentrations of vitamins A, C, E, and Rosemary extracts which helps to relieve dry and sun damaged skins.

What does it do?
Assists in improving the appearance of sun damaged skin, fine lines and/or uneven skin tone by nourishing and conditioning the skin to give a soft supple look. Antioxidants in this easy to absorb oil also help protect the skin from harmful environmental influences.

Other useful information
Suitable for all skin types but only use once your skin is used to Environ™ AVST Body Oil. Can also be used to help improve the appearance of skin on the back of your hands and forearms. To assist with firming and toning your skin, use in conjunction with the Environ™ home skin needling kit Body Roll-CIT™. Packaging: 100 ml bottle.